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Ausplow Airseeders is available in five (5) models and have been designed to cater for broadacre farmers who do not wish to move to liquid fertilizer application. This dedicated airseeder differentiates itself from our Multistream models which cater for granular and liquid applications.

Specifications for A11000BH:

Total tank capacity (Lt): 10900
Front tank capacity (Lt):  4700
Second tank capacity (Lt): 1500
Third tank capacity (Lt): 4700
Fourth tank capacity (Lt): (N/A)
Fifth tank capacity (Lt): (N/A)
Front axle: (N/A)
Front tyres: (N/A)
Rear tyres: 24.5x32
Drawbar weight - empty (Kg): (N/A)
Drawbar weight - full (Kg): (N/A)
Length (mm): 9700
Width (mm): 3500
Height (mm): 3800
Auger: 8"