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Latest Multistream off to Katanning

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Katanning branch manager Kevin Newman inspects the new Multistream before it is delivered to a local farmer.

Katanning branch manager Kevin Newman inspects the new Multistream before it is delivered to a local farmer.

By KEN WILSON WA manufacturer Ausplow has sold one of its first 28,500 litre capacity Multistreams, arguably the world’s biggest multi-purpose granular and liquid delivery system. The monster unit has been bought by a Kojonup farmer who also bought an Ausplow DBS 18.3m precision seeding bar. It is self evident from the design the Multistream will cater for increasing interest in deep banding and in-furrow nutrient and fungicide treatments. Configured as a two-between unit on a single heavy duty axle, it is equipped with dual Trelleborg 800/70R38 tyres. According to Farmer’s Centre Katanning branch manager Kevin Newman, the new rig will be pulled by a Case IH Steiger Quadtrac with a power rating of 410kW (550hp). “It’s the biggest one made by Ausplow with seven bins to provide granular and liquid inputs,” he said. “Four of the bins have a capacity of 4400 litres each, two each hold 47000L and one bin holds 1500L. “Plus there’s a side saddle tank that holds 500L of chemical plumbed to a Dosatron which also receives water from the sixth tank. “The saddle tank will be used by the owner to hold trifluralin which will be metered out via the Dosatron to a spray line attached to the front of the DBS during sowing. “Effectively it mimics a spray-ahead operation before the seeder incorporates the chemical.” The design of the new Multistream has been well thought out and includes a dual fan system with two air streams for seed and fertiliser. Variable fan speed settings will enable low air for sowing canola and high air for sowing cereals. According to Mr Newman, the Steiger Quadtrac is a perfect match to meet the hydraulic requirements of the Multistream with a dual flow (427 litres a minute) to separately handle hydraulics on the Multistream and the DBS, meaning the bar’s lift and fold functions will not compromise hydraulic pressures for fan speeds on the Multistream. The Dosatron is operated by one of two Mono worm drive pumps providing chemical delivery to the Sprayline and nutrients to plumbed lines on each of the DBS tines for deep banding. In-furrow treatments also can be achieved. The seventh tank on the Multistream can hold liquid trace elements and fungicides and is equipped with agitation. Five remotes are grouped together at the rear of the Multistream to accommodate hydraulic plumbing to the bar. And an optional hitch is fitted at the rear which can be used to fit a ProTrakker guidance system. On this model, 10 cameras are fitted to allow the operator to sight the metering units and bin interiors while a separate rear camera is focused on the DBS. Metering is achieved remotely via Topcon X20 controller although manual control allows override to adjust rates to suit. The Multistream also is equipped with a hydraulically-operated 25cm (10in) load-unload auger. “It is definitely designed for today’s higher production requirements,” Mr Newman said. “And there’s built-in flexibility for a range of options for crop establishment.” Published in Farm Weekly December 24, 2015.

Publish Date: 
Thursday, December 24, 2015