At Ausplow, we strive to 'get the job done right the first time'. We firstly apply this to Agronomical best practice, by engineering our products to achieve the best soil conditions and seed placement. We enhance this technology by ensuring accurate delivery and distribution of seed and fertiliser.

Getting the job right is also about engineering out products to achieve exceptional reliability, because we understand the importance of not stopping, once major seeding programs have commenced. Often not stopping involves seeding in dry and difficult conditions increasing stresses on machinery.

We know from years of field experience that this ultimately translates back to quality products and engineering. To achieve this, optimum design to maximize reliability and accuracy and choice of materials is critical. That's why we use heat-treated spring steel and quenched and tempered steel plate when manufacturing out tines. In addition, we use oil-impregnated sintered bushings throughout the tine parallelogram with double sealing for maintenance-free longevity. The hydraulic jump cylinder uses a unique design that keeps the sliding surface lubricated and clean when the tine is in the working position.

Excellent and practical design extends to the Ausplow Multistream where using a 'Type A' class air delivery system, allows us to keep the design simple and reliable. The use of marine grade stainless steels and engineering plastics minimises the risk of corrosion from more aggressive fertiliser and chemicals, ensuring years of maintenance-free service. Finally 'getting it right', means that we don't rest on our laurels because we constantly strive to improve our products in all areas. We are a company that has been built on world class engineering and products development and that is our ongoing commitment to our customers.