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AIRTEC AUSTRALIA was formed in 1991 to import and market the Airtec spraying system in Australia / New Zealand which was developed in England.

In 1998, the trialling and marketing of the Ausplow DBS direct seeding bar in the Eastern states was undertaken, in which marketing and support of the product is still conducted in the Mallee and southern South Australia and New South Wales.

The results of the Ausplow were outstanding, so in 2003 an Ausplow DBS seeding bar and Multistream bin was purchased to contract seed in the south east of South Australia and the western district of Victoria, sowing pastures, hay mix, cereals, lucerne and summer crops.

In 2009 an opportunity arose to help develop and distribute the Optispray spraying system, which is Australian design. Like Airtec the Optispray system gives you more flexibility when spraying with the capability to control spray droplets from the cabin on the move.

We are the Australian distributor of a range of Magnojet Nozzles giving you a wide selection of spray nozzles with ceramic tip in the broad acre sector. We also market Farm King Augers for the South East of South Australia and Western Victoria and a range of Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Grease & Truck Wash for Pro-Lube which is Australian owned and produced in Queensland.

A family owned business, we take pride in what we set out to achieve, so quality, reliability, trust and back up service is second to none.

Ausplow Products

Deep Blade System (DBS™)

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The DBS™ Seeding System has been developed with a focus on soil structure, sustainability and profits. Precision seed placement from each individual DBS Tine, combined with effective underseed cultivation at depth, are two key reasons why farmers continue to reap the rewards from this unique product.

To read more about the Deep Blade System, please click here.

Contact you local dealer Airtec

Contact you local dealer Airtec



The DBS Auseeder have a fully trussed centre frame and wings available in 29 models with frame sizes from 8.32m to 18.3m. The strength and integrity of the frame enables the DBS Tine to dig at depth.

To read more about the DBS Auseeder, please click here.

Contact you local dealer Airtec

Contact you local dealer Airtec

Multistream™ Air Cart


The Multistream air cart is designed to deliver granular and liquid product available in 22 models. All tanks are designed for any product.

To read more about the Multistream Air Cart, please click here.

Contact you local dealer Airtec

Contact you local dealer Airtec

Easitill™ Deep Tillage


The proven Easitill deep tillage machine is capable of working to exceptional depths and improve soil structure in almost all conditions.

To read more about the Easitill Deep Tillage, please click here.

Contact you local dealer Airtec

Contact you local dealer Airtec

Farmer Experience


First DBS001 still going strong

DBS 001, the first ever DBS bar built by Ausplow in 1996 is still going strong. It has been traced to South Australian farmer Simon Jaeske, Clare, who bought it off WA farmer Glen Williams from Gibson, who bought it off the original owner, Ross Whittall from Esperance.


Managing change in a marginal area

“In a nutshell, it gives me the ability to get crop in and up in marginal moisture conditions,” Bencubbin farmer Nick Gillett said. But timing also plays an important role and Nick has noticed the seasons are getting shorter (dry warm finish, etc). “Basically 2014 was an extremely tough finish and crops sown later than mid-May didn’t perform well. This was the primary reason for going from a 50-ft to 60ft DBS in 2015.”


DBS is best seeding bar on market

“From 2003 to 2007 we sold about 130 serial numbers,” Hamish Ward Director of Ramsey Bros said. “And to my mind it remains the best seeding bar on the market. “It’s built to last, the quality of the build is the best I’ve seen and the three slot system consistently provides owners with faster and stronger germinations.”


Using DBS for 20 years

It’s the way it just digs in. You can start a program whenever you want to start and you know you’ll always get accurate seed placement. Last year was a good example of a dry start with subsoil moisture present. It’s a very strong bar and over the past 20 years we’ve ripped out a few big rocks but it hasn’t affected the integrity of the seeding modules.” Nathan Davey (Konnongorring).



Greg Chappell (Glen Innes) puts down the ability of the chicory to survive to the plant’s long tap root. But he also has praise for his DBS planter. “It has penetrated the soil and fractured it with blades working to a depth of between 16 and 18 centimetres,” he said. “This has broken up the old plough pan and enabled moisture infiltration giving access to stored nutrients at depth outside normal root penetrations.”

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