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The proven Easitill II precision deep tillage machine is capable of working to depths of 300mm (12") with the 750mm shank or the 820mm shank designed for sand plain soil to a depth of 380mm (15").

Specifications for E460-11:

Dig Width (metres): 5.06
Dig Width (feet): 16' 07"
Number of tines: 11
Tine spacing (mm): 460
Tine spacing (inches): 18
Number of rows: 3
Underframe clearance (mm): 750
Transport width (metres): 5.02
Transport width (feet): 16' 06"
Transport height (metres): (N/A)
Transport height (feet): (N/A)
Recommended engine power (Kw): 110
Recommended engine power (Hp): 147
Max work depth 750mm shank (mm): 300
Max work depth 750mm shank (inches): 12
Max work depth 820mm shank (mm): 380
Max work depth 820mm shank (inches): 15
Shank jump height (mm): 490
Shank jump height (inches): 19
Shank width (mm): 20
Frame sections: 1
Tine breakout force (Kg)*: 650
Tine breakout force (lbs)*: 1430
Number of wheels: 2
Tyres: 386x65R 22.5