Ausplow Marketing Manager Chris Blight.

Ausplow Marketing Manager Chris Blight.

Ausplow Service Manager Ray Beacham.

Ausplow Service Manager Ray Beacham.

Word of mouth has quickly spread that factory allocations for 2017 are filling fast.

But during the recent round of machinery field days throughout Australia, Ausplow’s Marketing and Sales manager Chris Blight said there were still build vacancies for DBS and Multistreams for March delivery onwards.

“We’ve had a very positive response this year and the field days round throughout Australia has been very good,” Chris said.

“The new Version Four DBS has been a big hit, particularly for owners with a variety of soil types.

“The quick adjustments that can be made to adjust digging depth by just using the cam-shaped extraction tool – a derivation of a cotter pin – which not only unlocks the U-pins for the blade adapters and closing tools but also taps or locks them back into place after adjustment.”

The Version Four DBS module combines the patent-pending Pro-D tool system with a paired row boot and a new mud rib to cater for a wide range of soil types.

Additionally is the release of the Pro-D Plus, which comprises a “shoe” attachment at the bottom of a DBS blade to promote more of a lifting action than a bursting action.

It is similar to the tool system on the company’s Easitill deep till machine and increases the size of the sub-trench below sowing depth.

The action of the Pro-D Plus in creating more fissures or cracks in the soil enhances moisture penetration while promoting water-holding capacity.

Ausplow Service Manager Ray Beacham also reported a lot of interest in the tracked Multistream.

“A lot of Multistream owners wanted to know more about it,” he said. “It will go well on sand, particularly over deep ripped country and soil prone to water-logging.

“And there’s the benefit of less compaction.”

Ray said the metering system had not changed much in the 15-16 years the Multistream has been on the market “because we basically got it right from the start”.

“It’s very reliable and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and we’ve maintained a focus on just keeping it simple.

“It’s built strong and does the job and its performance is really reflected in its high resale value, just like the DBS.”   


Publish Date: 
Friday, September 30, 2016