Driving precision seeding systems for a sustainable future

Since the inception of the company in 1987, it has always been a focus to provide a precision one-pass seed establishment system for broadacre farming. This is in line with previous attempts, initially called direct drilling, which focused on minimal soil disturbance to provide an environment which mitigated against wind erosion, while improving moisture penetration and storage.

The patented Ausplow DBS (Deep Blade System) has gone a step further in establishing what we call a "Pot Plant" environment for seeds, characterised by underseed cultivation, a firm seed bed and water harvesting from the sides of the resultant furrows. This form of one-pass crop establishment has proven itself in many regions of the world and in a complexity of soil types. We have many DBS owners relate to us how they have established crops in drier years using the DBS and adding that such establishment would not have occurred using conventional seeding trechniques.